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Why is the house not good after the marble decoration? Because I chose the wrong one...

Why is the house not good after the marble decoration? Because I chose the wrong one...

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Marble is highly sought after for its unique texture and distinctive appearance. Some customers find that the house decorated with marble is not what the mind thinks, why? Most of the reason is that the marble color is not selected. Therefore, the color matching and selection of marble is very important, so how to choose the color of marble to achieve the best results?
First, the trend
▲ London Gray
In recent years, “less is more” and “broken away” have been very thorough in the field of fashion design and furniture design. The “sexual cold wind” has also been a big fire, and the black, white and gray marbles have also quickly become popular. Of course, the marble home made of black and white gray is simple and generous, and there is no lack of high-quality texture, which is in line with the pursuit of quality life for the younger generation.
▲New Kaman
In addition, beige marble is still the mainstream, warm color, elegant temperament, can match a variety of different home styles, is also the most widely used color of all marble.
Second, color matching
▲Turkey dark brown net
In order to ensure the overall home effect, when choosing the color of marble, it is also necessary to consider the matching effect with large parts such as wall and furniture. It is a good choice because it echoes or contrasts; the color of the ground and the ceiling is preferably a deep To the shallow gradient, it seems more layered.
Third, lighting
▲Crystal Shaanna
When choosing the color of the marble, the size of the space should also be considered. If the space is small, the light-colored marble is the main one, which makes the small space appear brighter and wider; if the space is large, the color selection is limited. Need to consider a great match.
Fourth, daily cleaning
▲White Magnolia
Regarding the stain resistance, many people may think that light-colored marble is relatively easy to be dirty, but the fact is that stains on the light-colored marble floor are not easy to be found, but dark marble, which is particularly noticeable.