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Marble tile PK natural stone

Marble tile PK natural stone

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In the current various decorative trends, non-marble tiles or natural stone that can exert the most space effect and artistic expression are the only ones. As a gift from nature, natural stone has the characteristics of fine texture, solid texture, stretched texture and beautiful appearance. Because it is non-renewable, it is expensive, which makes more and more marble-like stone appear. In response to the different needs of consumers, Ya Xiaobian gives the following comparisons and summaries from different dimensions.
Marble Tile PK Natural Marble
1. Environmental protection PK
Regarding environmental protection, the environmental protection and safety performance of marble tiles are more obvious. Natural stone itself has certain radiation, while marble tiles do not have the radioactive pollution of natural stone, and also reduce the damage to nature during mining. The gloss of this kind of product is about 55 degrees, which is more suitable for the visual comfort range of the human eye and reduces visual damage.
2. Cost PK
Since the hardness of marble tiles is higher than that of natural stone, the loss will be smaller during use and paving. Natural stone has natural defects in texture, and marble is completely avoided. Therefore, compared to natural stone, the same area of ​​marble tiles, tile prices and maintenance costs are more cost-effective!
3. Paving PK
Because of the high laying requirements of natural stone, and considering its expensive price and radiation problems, it is generally not widely laid at home. However, marble tiles break through this limit, it is easier to cut, and the labor cost is lower, which is obvious in applications such as artistry, integrity, ductility, and ground combination.
4, use PK
Natural stone itself is lower in hardness and wear resistance than marble tiles, so it is more limited in space use. In comparison, marble tiles are more widely used. With the advent of large-scale marble on the market, more places choose to use marble tiles as decorative materials.
5. Maintenance PK
Compared with natural stone, marble tiles have the advantages of strong wear resistance, good antifouling property, easy care, and will not oxidize and discolor as soon as natural stone; natural stone has more or less natural pores. It is easy to hide dirt, and marble tiles eliminate this deficiency, not only relatively cheap, but also easier to clean and manage; marble tiles do not have the problem of color difference of natural stone, and physical properties should be higher than natural stone.
6, visual PK
Natural stone has a natural natural texture, real luster, beautiful and can not be copied. With the advent of the glaze technology, the marble tiles on the market can also retain the texture of natural stone, closer to natural stone. In this way, the splicing between each piece of marble tiles is more natural, and the paving is more casual and the space is larger.