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Why do you use marble tiles for high-end decoration?

Why do you use marble tiles for high-end decoration?

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The essence of ceramic tiles is architectural decoration materials. On the one hand, it is the performance of use, on the other hand, it is aesthetic performance, such as color, texture, texture, texture and light. The world's top seven-star hotels are decorated with top-quality marble, with natural, realistic and varied textures. Natural marble is easy to break, infiltrate, difficult to care, and radiation exceeds the standard. The natural mineral raw materials of marble tiles are strictly selected and fired at high temperature, which can realize the realistic texture of natural marble without many defects of natural marble. ~
First, the general designer design will be designed from several angles:
1. Understand the needs of the owners, what they want to be dressed up, the needs of everyone in the family, and what they value.
2, roughly analyze what effect, what style, what color, what texture
3, determine the direction of decoration: style - color - material selection - specific application
Second, the choice of tiles will start from a few points:
1, select the approximate color
2, determine the pattern, pattern, mechanism, texture
3, the category of tiles
4, taking into account the gloss of the tile, anti-slip performance, wear resistance, etc.
Third, why do many people choose marble tiles?
Because the natural color, pattern, texture and surface gloss of marble have excellent beauty~
Let's analyze a few typical marble tiles: white, beige, gray, black, and more.
First, white marble tiles
Marble is a treasure that nature gives to human beings. It has beautiful colors and patterns. Unfortunately, the production is limited, and it has many discomforts in the kitchen, bathroom and living room at home (such as no anti-seepage, poor hardness and durability, and of course the price). .
Due to the color difference, low strength, easy soiling and easy cracking of natural marble, people began to imitate and replace marble tiles with better quality. White marble tiles, the overall color is white, and at the same time, the gray lines, some are rough lines, some are delicate lines, can be combined with modern minimalist, European and other decorative styles. On the color, texture, high-end atmosphere, the leader of the marble tile industry is likely to be white.
Second, beige marble tiles
In the Chinese beige department, it represents warmth and warmth, which will make people feel warm in the cold winter and feel warm in the home.
Third, gray marble tiles
The gray marble tiles are very temperament, and the calm, literary and artistic charms naturally come out. Especially the dark gray marble tiles, with the white rock veins, are vivid.
Fourth, black marble tiles
Good black marble is also produced in Italy. In addition to the black gold flowers, the Laurent black is more beautiful. The black background and white lines are interlaced, like Carrara white.
Different levels of black match feels good
White, beige, black, far from the marble and marble tiles. If you go to the tile store or the stone market, there are also various types of red, blue, gray, etc. If you subdivide, you can also divide hundreds.
The reason why people try to imitate the texture of marble is to bring this beauty of nature to the home and decorate their own life. In fact, it is a truth to plant flowers and vegetables at home.